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Store Changes:

The health of our patients and our consultants in the store is our highest priority.  Providing safe products in a clean store in which to purchase medicine requires we change some of our procedures. 

Effective immediately, we have implemented extensive and on-going disinfection protocols:  

-All hard surfaces are being disinfected hourly.   

-Employees who do not feel well are not to report to work.   

-Patients who may have illness symptoms are encouraged to stay home. 

-Hand sanitizer is available and its use is recommended. 

-Our self-service flower bulbs for smelling flower product have been withdrawn. 

To maximize service and minimize time spent in the store, we recommend placing orders online at  This will ensure the product you want is available, as the online system will not let you add an item to the cart if it is no longer in stock. 

We do not sell flower “deli style” in open containers.  All our flower is sold pre-packaged.  IMPORTANT: the prepackaged flower we sell was put into inventory before the virus arrived in Colorado, so patients can be assured they are buying clean product.  This also means as inventory is sold, some strains and some package sizes may not be available, or, for example, it may be necessary to fill a 1/2 ounce order with perhaps four 1/8 ounce packages.  Our clean inventory will be available while supplies last. 

We anticipate these changes will result in minimizing any possibility of transmission yet provide clean product to our patients. 

About Fountain Organics: 

At the corner of Stetson Hills Powers in Colorado Springs, Fountain is the newest dispensary in the City with a focus on great customer service, a large, open sales floor and a wide spectrum of products available to treat patients for all approved conditions. 

Brandon Anderson-Thayer   

Fountain Organics 

(719) 394-8883 

Colorado Springs 

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  • Alex 11 / 04 / 2020

    I was able to find good advice from your blog articles.

    • Mike Chadima 13 / 07 / 2020

      Thanks, Alex. We are continuing to add more articles and links.

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