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Scoring the Best 420 Deals:

A Comprehensive Guide

420 has rapidly evolved from an underground celebration to a highly anticipated day within the cannabis community, marking an annual spike in cannabis consumption and sales. Dispensaries like us here at Fountain Superstore leverage this occasion to promote exclusive 420 deals on their websites, offering special discounts or promotions for both in-store and online purchases. 

This page will showcase our 420 dispensary deals, including the best 420 deals near me and 420 food deals, ensuring they score the most valuable offers. Beyond unearthing essential tips for preparing and planning your 420 purchases, we'll explore strategies to maximize savings, whether shopping online or in-store. 


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Preparing for 420 Deals

To ensure you're well-prepared for the 420 deals, especially at Fountain Superstore in Colorado Springs, follow these actionable steps:

1. Early Bird Gets the Worm

  • Start by researching upcoming 420 deals and promotions. Dispensaries like Fountain Superstore often announce their deals ahead of time through various channels.
  • Sign up for newsletters and follow your favorite dispensaries on social media to get the latest updates on 420 deals near you.
  • Make a list of the cannabis products you're interested in, whether it's flower, edibles, tinctures, or topicals, to streamline your shopping process.

2. Compare Offers

  • Compare promotions across different dispensaries. This includes looking at BOGO deals, discounts, and freebies offered by establishments like Fountain Superstore.
  • Plan your budget, keeping in mind your consumption habits to avoid over-purchasing.
  • Consider trying new products or brands during the 420 sales to take advantage of the special pricing.

3. Skip the Crowds & Lines

  • If shopping in-store, aim to visit during off-peak hours to avoid the crowds. Fountain Superstore and similar dispensaries typically experience high traffic on 420.
  • For online shopping, ensure that the website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. Fountain Superstore's dedicated 420 landing page will simplify your online shopping experience.
  • Participate in loyalty programs to receive special perks and exclusive discounts, enhancing your 420 shopping at Fountain Superstore.

Finding the Best Cannabis Deals

To unearth the most advantageous 420 deals, especially at Fountain Superstore, a premier medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs, Colorado, adhering to a strategic approach can significantly enhance your savings and shopping experience. Here are some tips to help you get the best 420 dispensary deals in Colorado.

Identify Your Preferences and Consumption Habits:

Be realistic about your consumption habits to avoid over-purchasing, ensuring you only look for deals on products you will use. Determine the types of cannabis products that interest you, such as flowers, edibles, or concentrates, to focus your search effectively.

Leverage Dispensary Programs and Promotions:

Sign up for Fountain Superstore’s loyalty program to receive updates on exclusive deals and promotions. Regularly check Fountain Superstore's website or inquire with budtenders about upcoming 420 promotions to stay ahead of the game.

Finally, explore sales on your favorite brands' websites and take note of promotional pricing strategies like bundle deals, limited-time offers, and loyalty rewards.

Maximize Savings with Strategic Shopping:

Compare prices and deals across different dispensaries, using platforms like Weedmaps or Leafly and following local dispensaries on social media for the latest updates.

For best results, stock up on deals by checking dispensary websites, including Fountain Superstore, for exclusive online promotions.

Hemp CBD Products During 420

During the 420 celebrations, the spotlight isn't just on THC-rich cannabis products; hemp-derived CBD offerings also take center stage, offering a multitude of benefits without the psychoactive effects. The legal distinction that allows dispensaries to sell and ship hemp products containing less than 0.3% THC across state lines has significantly broadened the accessibility and variety of CBD products available to consumers.


Includes CBD Vape Pens, Cartridges, and Vape Oil, catering to those who prefer inhalation methods.


Offers CBD Flower, Hash, Herbal Mixes, and Pre-Rolls for traditional cannabis enthusiasts.


Features CBD Shatter, Wax, Isolate, and more for a potent CBD experience.

Categories of Hemp CBD Products Available During 420

CBD Oils

Comprises a range of oils, sprays, and water-soluble options for sublingual delivery.

Edibles & More

Encompasses Gummies, Capsules, Creams, and even Bath Bombs for varied consumption methods.

Accessories and Hardware

Includes essentials like Rolling Papers, Grinders, Vaporizers, and more to complement the CBD experience.

CBD products cater to a wide range of needs, from sleep and muscle recovery to stress relief, making them a versatile choice for consumers Moreover, the 420 sales extend to hemp seed oil and other CBD products, with manufacturers offering special promotions to celebrate the occasion. 

This period also highlights the importance of purchasing from trustworthy manufacturers that provide third-party Certificates of Analysis (COAs), ensuring product quality and safety. 

Planning Your 420 Purchases

When planning your 420 purchases, it's essential to consider the operational strategies of dispensaries to ensure you're getting the best deals and a seamless shopping experience. Here's a breakdown of how some dispensaries are preparing for the 420 rush and what that means for you as a shopper:

Fountain Superstore's Preparation Strategy

We take a lot of pride in how we prepare for 420 and ensure that we offer our clients the best possible 420 experience. Here are some of the steps that we take to provide the best 420 deals for our customers. 

StaffingFountain Superstore ramps up its staffing to handle the increased customer flow on 4/20, ensuring swift service and customer satisfaction.

Product AvailabilityBy ordering products months in advance, Fountain Superstore guarantees a broad selection for consumers, meaning you're more likely to find exactly what you're looking for.

Promotional MaterialsA specialized 420 deals page is created to highlight the products and deals available, making it easier for you to plan your purchases.

Sales TimelineStarting sales a few days prior to 4/20 allows for a more relaxed shopping experience, helping you avoid the last-minute rush.

In-Store ExperienceAdditional activities are introduced, enhancing the shopping experience during this busy period.

Important Shopping Considerations:

Be mindful that dispensaries do not allow product returns. This emphasizes the importance of planning and being certain of your purchases before making them. By understanding how dispensaries like Fountain Superstore prepare for 420 deals and the technological tools available to enhance your shopping experience, you can strategize your purchases to maximize savings and enjoyment. 

Additional Ways to Save on Cannabis

Exploring additional ways to save on cannabis can significantly enhance your 420 shopping experience, ensuring you get the best value for your purchases. Here are some strategies:

Online vs. In-Store Shopping

Online shopping often boasts a larger variety of strains compared to in-store shopping, potentially offering a better match for your preferences. Be sure to check out both the online and in-store shopping 420 deals here at Fountain Superstore. 

Smart Shopping Strategies

Here are some tips to help you get the best possible 420 deals near me this year. 

Buy in Bulk: Purchasing cannabis in larger quantities can lead to significant cost savings. For instance, while an ounce of top-shelf indica or sativa might cost $10 per gram in Southern California, clinics often reduce the price to $7 per gram for an ounce and $8 per gram for a half-ounce.

Ask for Shake: Opting for shake, the leftover material from cannabis flowers, can be a cost-effective choice. Despite its less appealing look, it contains the same active compounds as the buds.

Grow Your Own: In states that allow it, growing your own cannabis can lead to substantial long-term savings. Platforms like ILGM offer the ability to get you started growing your own cannabis this 420. 

Weed for Exposure: Some dispensaries offer free or discounted products in exchange for social media shoutouts or reviews on platforms like Weedmaps.

Special Promotions: Keeping an eye out for special promotions during major holidays, product launches, or when items are nearing their expiration date can help you snag great deals.


By incorporating these strategies into your 420 shopping plan, you can maximize your savings while still enjoying high-quality cannabis products. Whether you're shopping online for the convenience and variety or taking advantage of bulk and group purchase discounts, there are numerous ways to stretch your dollar further in the cannabis market.

Online Shopping vs. In-Store Purchases

When deciding between online shopping and in-store purchases for cannabis, especially during the 420 sales, it's essential to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each method to ensure you're making the most informed decision. 

Post 420 Tips (For Dispensaries & Consumers)

After the hustle and bustle of 420, dispensaries and customers alike enter a period of reflection and strategy for the future. Here are some post-420 shopping tips that can help both dispensaries and consumers navigate the aftermath effectively:

Customer Tips for Post-420:

Don't Be Intimidated by Extra Security: Understand that increased security measures around 420 are for everyone's safety. Continue to shop with confidence.

Tip Your Budtender: Show your appreciation for their hard work during the busy holiday by tipping. This small gesture can make a big difference.

Plan for Lines: While the 420 rush may have subsided, popular dispensaries can still see lines. Plan your visit accordingly.

Buy Early and Buy Heavy: For next year, remember that the best deals often come early in the 420 celebrations. Stock up on favorites to avoid the post-holiday slump.

By adhering to these tips, customers can ensure a seamless transition from the 420 festivities to regular operations, setting the stage for even more successful events in the future.

Dispensary Tips for Post-420:

Follow-Up is Key: Dispensaries should reach out to their customers after the 420 holiday to gather feedback, offer thanks, and inform them of upcoming deals or events. This not only builds a stronger relationship but also keeps the dispensary top of mind for future purchases.

Customers appreciate feeling valued. A simple follow-up can turn a one-time buyer into a loyal customer.

Have All Hands on Deck: Even after 420, ensure your dispensary is fully staffed to handle any post-holiday rush or inquiries. This helps maintain a high level of customer service and efficiency.

Streamline the Purchasing Process: Reflect on the 420 sales process and identify any bottlenecks or issues. Implement changes to streamline operations for future events, ensuring a smoother experience for both staff and customers.

Promote Early for Next Year: Start planning your promotional strategy for the next 420 early. Reflect on what worked and what didn't, and begin teasing next year's deals well in advance.

Make It a Party: Consider hosting a post-420 appreciation event or sale to keep the momentum going. This can help clear out any excess stock and keep your dispensary lively and engaging.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Can I Get the Best 420 Dispensary Deals Near Me?If you want to secure the best 420 deals in Colorado Springs, head over to Fountain Superstore. We are located at 5421 Rio Vista Dr. 

What Does 420 Mean?420, also referred to as 4:20 or 4/20, is a term used in cannabis culture to denote the consumption of marijuana and hashish, particularly around the time of 4:20 pm. Additionally, April 20th (4/20 in U.S. and Canadian date notation) is celebrated within the culture as a day for cannabis-related festivities.

What Does Someone Mean When They Describe Themselves as 420-Friendly?When a person describes themselves as 420 friendly, particularly on a dating profile, it suggests that they either use cannabis themselves or are comfortable with others using it in their vicinity.

What Does 710-Friendly Mean? The term "710 friendly" is used primarily by enthusiasts of cannabis concentrates to indicate that they are not only receptive to cannabis use but have a particular interest in cannabis oils and concentrates.

Final Thoughts

Embarking upon the journey of finding the most enticing 420 deals, especially at Fountain Superstore located in the heart of Colorado Springs, has been a fulfilling quest. From preparing meticulously for the shopping extravaganza to post-420 reflections we hope that you will now have the best possible 420 experience.

As a reminder, Fountain Superstore remains at the forefront, offering a beacon to those in pursuit of quality, value, and community engagement. Be sure to come in and visit us today to get the best 420 deals in town!

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