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Best Dispensary Monument CO Has to Offer

If you’re searching for the premier cannabis dispensary Monument CO has to offer, your journey ends at Fountain Superstore. We are Monument’s reliable provider for all your medical cannabis requirements, boasting the finest selection, prices, and diversity. 

If you’re a medical patient, discover the unique medical marijuana superstore in town! Fountain Superstore is a locally owned and operated dispensary that procures our cannabis through organic and sustainable means, employing natural methods, processes, and ingredients. We prioritize quality to ensure our patients receive the medication they need. 

Our extensive range includes various strains, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and accessories to cater to your individual preferences and necessities. With our amiable and informed staff ready to assist you in selecting the perfect product, address any inquiries, and offer a welcoming atmosphere, come experience what sets us apart in Monument.



What Sets Us Apart From Any Other Dispensary Monument CO Has Around

Fountain Superstore differentiates itself from all other dispensaries in Monument CO, offering a vast array of high-quality medications including concentrates, topicals and flower. Our primary focus remains on providing our patients with superior quality medicine that delivers the desired impacts effectively. Therefore, if premium-grade medication is what you seek: consider Fountain Superstore as your preferred destination.

Products in Our Dispensary Monument CO

Ready to come in and check out our top-of-the-line medicine catalog? Here are some of the top types of medicine that we have around.


dispensary colorado springs flower deals

Those seeking the quickest relief often favor consuming their medication through inhalation, a method where flower remains an exemplary choice. Our offerings include indica and sativa-dominant strains; furthermore, we provide flowers rich in CBD content.


dispensary colorado springs edible deals

Choose edibles as a top alternative to save your lungs from the effort of inhaling medications. In Fountain, we offer our patients the most potent edibles, providing them with a safe and effective method for medication consumption.


dispensary colorado springs extract deals

At times, the potency and immediacy of necessary medication cannot be fully delivered by flowers. Opting for extracts offers a more concentrated approach: it accelerates the action of your medicine without necessitating increased consumption or administration time with flower materials.


dispensary colorado springs pre-roll joint deals

Should you require expedient medication while navigating your daily routine, consider carrying pre-rolls; they offer convenience and swift relief. Our extensive collection of pre-rolls caters to diverse patient needs: available in various strains--ranging from indica-dominant for relaxation, to sativa-dominant for an energetic boost--and composed entirely from a plethora of flower types.


dispensary colorado springs vape deals

Should you seek an alternative to smoking flower: consider exploring the highly effective method of vaping for consumption. At Fountain Superstore, we offer a range of options including all-in-ones and vape carts; thus ensuring uninterrupted progress in your treatment.


dispensary colorado springs topical hemp deals

Finally, topical creams offer the potential for harnessing hemp's health benefits, devoid of its inherent psychoactive effects. Are you prepared to seize control over your well-being? Consider using a CBD topical cream as it could potentially serve as an optimal solution!

Where to Find Us

Conveniently situated in Suite 200 at 5421 Rio Vista Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80917: our doors are open from Monday to Saturday--specifically between the hours of 10AM and 7:30 PM; on Sundays we extend service commencing at a later time, that is--from 11 AM until six in the evening. To peruse our menu or make an order visit our website directly; alternatively – contact us via phone: dial (719)394-8883.

How to Get Involved

Thinking of getting more involved here at Fountain Superstore? Here are some of the best ways you can become more active as a patient with us. 

Join Our VIP Program

We have a VIP program which is constantly giving the best deals and promotions to our most treasured patients. Join our VIP program if you want to get access to the latest promotions we have. 

Come In & Visit Us!

We sure love to see you - even if it means you just come in and say hi! Come in and visit us today, it will make our day! 

Become an Advocate

We are on the front lines of the anti-prohibitionist movement in the United States. If you want to help us out, help us continue to push for full legalization across the country. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Most Potent Dispensary in Colorado?Many recognize Fountain Superstore as Colorado's most potent dispensary due to its vast selection of high-potency flower, concentrates, and other products. The store offers an impressive range with rigorous potency scores and supplies strictly medical-grade items.

How Much Can You Buy at a Dispensary in One Day in Colorado?As a medical patient, you may purchase up to two ounces of marijuana in one transaction; alternatively, the limit extends to eight grams for marijuana concentrate or twenty thousand mg of THC – all within a single transaction.

Can I Order From a Dispensary in Colorado?For recreational cannabis purchases--one must be at least 21 years old. If you are a medical marijuana user —- your age should exceed 18, and possession of a valid medical cannabis (red) card is mandatory. When visiting a dispensary, bear in mind that you need to present an up-to-date state-issued photo ID too

Are All Colorado Dispensaries Cash Only?Many colorado dispensaries, including Fountain Superstore, require you to pay with cash. However, dispensaries like this one will have a convenient on-site ATM handy so that you can still come in with your card to withdraw some cash frist.

Do Dispensaries Keep Track Of How Much You Buy in Colorado?Fountain Superstore and other dispensaries in Colorado diligently ensure that each transaction does not exceed the legal limit of two ounces. However, these establishments do not track your overall purchases across the entire state; this responsibility falls on you as a consumer.

Come Visit Fountain Superstore Today!

We strive to be seen as the best dispensary Monument CO has to offer. If you want to come in and see for yourself, we would be honored to have you come around. Our dispensary is located at 5421 Rio Vista Dr. Suite 200. You can also call us at 719-394-8883. 


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