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Enjoy the gently invigorating scents of peppermint, orange, and lavender essential oils as you apply the silky-smooth salve to target areas, then feel much-needed relief in your sore muscles and achy joints.

Lip Bong




Made using cannabis-infused grapeseed oil, coconut oil, peppermint essential oils, and other all-natural ingredients, Lip Bong moisturizes and softens your lips and is ideal for everyday use.




Enhanced with the natural healing properties of the cannabis plant, our cannabis massage oil is an expertly-formulated blend created specifically to promote full-body relaxation and comfort.





Between the regenerative powers of cannabis (THC) CBDs and aloe vera’s well-known ability to treat burns, this lotion is quite effective at soothing and helping to restore sunburned, sun damaged or aging skin.





Cannabis and arnica  have healing qualities, and when these herbs can work together, they are very good at decreasing the healing time for injuries.



Made using detoxifying Dead Sea salts, therapeutic herbs, and essential oils, this cannabis-infused bath soak can help you decompress from the stresses of everyday life, relieving pain and inflammation, reducing anxiety, and even boosting workout recovery.



We use a natural nano emulsifier that breaks down the THC and CBD into smaller particles, this enables the cannabinoids to penetrate more deeply into the skin. Combine this with the full spectrum of beneficial phyto-chemicals we extract through our whole plant infusion process and the result is an incredibly effective healing salve.